Photography full of emotion

Not to long ago I got tired of the beach life in Florida and wanted to experience something different so I sold all of my things, packed up the car and road tripped out west to Colorado where I found my new home. I'm an avid hiker and backpacker with a deep love for the outdoors, you'll find me in the Rockies with my boyfriend pretty much every week, rain or shine possibly even sleeping in the car to get up to a hike 100s of miles from home. Skiing through the winter slopes and road tripping to new states for sights we've never seen. The only thing I find to be just as inspiring as the outdoors is getting to experience and be a part of capturing the love that two people share together. I'm obsessed with capturing the romance between two people, I'm not here just to get the posed group photos for mom and dad, I'm here to capture the real love and intimacy that you two share with each other. You'll probably catch me tearing up during your vows and freaking out after almost every photo I take of you two. I want to share my love for the outdoors with lovers wishing to do the same.

hey I'm Kelsey

You will rarely find me sitting at home, Any free time I get I am out taking photos and exploring the gorgeous mountainous landscapes of the Rockies in our backyard, and documenting my ventures along the way. Or if it's a rest day, you will probably find me at one of my favorite local coffee spots editing! I am a very ambitious and adventurous person, and rest assured I'll do almost anything to get a photograph sometimes even if it requires waking up at 3 am on two hours of sleep and hiking up a mountain for sunrise in 20-degree weather! I am up for any adventure with anyone, anytime. Let's get out there! Some of my favorite adventures from the past year have been the Bolivian Andes mountains in South America, the Swiss Alps and the Italian Dolomites of Europe. I would love to be apart of your next adventure whether it be in our Colorado backyard or across the world.