January 13, 2022

Easy Mountain elopement locations near Denver

Looking for super easy mountain locations to have your elopement just outside of Denver? Maybe you want the beautiful mountain views without the hike or have guests you want to attend that cant make it that far into the Rockies. There’s no off-roading experience and very minimal hiking needed for these elopement locations making it perfect for anyone wanting views like these with no outdoor experience. Check out my list for the best easy mountain elopement locations near Denver.

elopement at loveland pass, couple in the mountains of colorado

Loveland Pass Elopement

Loveland pass is one of my favorite locations for an easy mountain elopement location near Denver. Its is just 50 minutes from Denver up i70 sitting on the the Colorado continental divide and its is at a whopping 11,991 feet, closer to 12,000 if you two walk up the steps to see those amazing mountain views.

This Colorado mountain elopement location has a lot to offer, lakes and sweeping views. Not as much in terms of forest however with it being mostly above treeline but you and your partner will really feel like you’re both on top of the world!

Guanella Pass Elopement

This is definitely the spot for you if you want a lot of aspens for fall and different kinds of scenery. Guanella pass has lakes, aspens, evergreens and beautiful mountain views of course! Just a few minute drive up past Georgetown too. Meaning its a great spot if you want to do a sunrise elopement but don’t want to camp or drive hours to your location in the middle of the night. There’s a ton of trails along the road, make your day a hike or an easy scenic drive while stopping along the way to grab as many photos as possible!

Berthoud Pass Elopement

Up next there’s Berthoud pass which is another great spot if you’re looking for evergreens and mountain views. This is a prime location for a winter or summer elopement. The evergreens make for a breathtaking winter view and its great for a back country ski ceremony. Easier routes and snow covered trees! During the summer this spot is flooded with wild flowers! Its definitely something you don’t want to skip out on.

Other honorable mentions for easy mountain elopement locations near Denver include

  • Kenosha pass
  • Boreas Pass
  • Vail Pass
  • Shrine Pass

While these are not the only spots to have an elopement with views outside of Denver, these are some of the best options if you’re looking for a close drive and not a lot of hiking involved. I’d love to chat with you about how I can make your day the best it could possibly be!

If you and your partner are considering an adventure elopement check out some of my other blogs to help with location scouting and planning! I cant wait to help you really make your elopement day something special to remember!

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