May 19, 2021

Eloping at Garden of the Gods

Looking to elope at Garden of the Gods? This park is a beautiful option no doubt about it! If you’re looking for a family-friendly spot to get married this should definitely be a consideration. If you want a quick trip from the airport on your visit, it’s a great option too! You can easily drive the entire garden of the god’s park in about 20 minutes. There are a few pull-off areas to see all of the beautiful formations. So if you have family members that aren’t able to hike to those beautiful destinations up in the mountains, this is a great spot for you! Much of the park is paved making it even more accessible for grandparents and strollers. Check out a map of the park here to help plan out the visit.

Here at the park, you have a few options, you can have a pretty big wedding just right up the road at the garden of the god’s resort. Get ready, host the ceremony and say your vows. Then while the guests are busy with drinks, head over to the park itself around golden hour for some breathtaking views like these.

What’s the best time of year to get married at Garden of the God’s?

Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any time of year. My personal favorite however is spring between April and May. You will get some greenery, some views of pikes peak covered in snow still and it won’t be absolutely freezing out. If you’re lucky you might even get a little bit of cloud cover making the lighting conditions and sunset oh so dreamy. Winter you will get snow contrasting with the red rock formations which make for amazing views too. You might not get as much of a crowd in the winter but make sure you bring layers to bundle up. Summertime can get pretty damn hot. However, If you’re planning on coming then, just be ready for scorching temps and potentially large crowds.

What are the best spots to say your vows or host the ceremony at the garden of the gods?

There are a few great options in the park itself! No permit required as of now for photography or ceremony which makes for a super affordable place to get married! High point is the absolute best spot to say your vows. You have sweeping views of the mountains as well as views of the red rock formations off to the right.

colorado elopement garden of the gods
garden of the gods elopement

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