March 19, 2024

Best places to elope in Colorado

Looking for some of the best places to elope in Colorado? If you are planning on eloping in the late spring to early fall, here are some of my favorites right here in the rocky mountains and some photos and videos of some of the best views! The Rockies offer everything you could ever dream of for an adventurous mountain elopement. Here I’ll give my insight into what I think are the best locations to elope.

Silver Dollar Lake

First up on my list is Silver Dollar lake Off the beaten trail. If you want to avoid the crowds and want an intimate location not too far from Denver this is the spot for you. Summer has this field blossoming with wildflowers. Just up Guenalla pass In George town, you can find this trailhead before getting to the top of the pass. I recommend this location for anyone who wants a hike but nothing too extreme, its rated as moderate so there’s still some work to get to the top of the mountain. The total round trip of this location is 4 miles. Its a for sure favorite as a elopement spot in colorado!

colorado elopement mountains with wildflowers
Summer time mountain views perfect for saying your vows. Places to elope in Colorado

Independence Pass

Next up on the list is Independence pass, There are a few passes that I find to be absolutely stunning and they are a great option if you’re looking for beautiful mountain views here in Colorado that don’t require a big hike. You can pull up, get out and the views are right there. There are usually a few different pull-off points along the way that are just as beautiful as well. Here’s some of the awesome views and wildflowers you can find there.

Blue Lakes

Wanting a beautiful lake to elope at in Colorado? Blue lakes in Ward Colorado is one of my favorite locations. You have to pay 12 per vehicle to enter but the views are to die for. The water looks crystal clear and shimmering bright blue. There’s even a lot of wildflowers here in the summer and a waterfall flowing into the lake. This trail I would consider to be moderate as well, unless you’re daring enough to go to the upper blue lake. It’s a harder scramble and it will definitely leave you tired for the hike back. The views at the lower blue lake and just past are the best views in my opinion. To the upper blue lake its 6.6 miles round trip but to the lower you’re only looking at 5.5 round trip.

Twin Lakes

Another lake I love on the list that you can also camp at is Twin Lakes in Interlaken Colorado. Interlaken is in Switzerland and this for sure feels like the Switzerland of Colorado. We LOVE camping here, it’s our go-to in the summer. This one doesn’t require really any hiking either for these views. It’s a quick pull-off from the highway. From here you can get to Independence pass and head into aspen. This is a great spot if you want to make a camping road trip out of your elopement. Here is a video from here this past summer.

Want to check out some of these spots yourself ahead of time? I highly recommend AllTrails. I use that to plan and map out all the hikes I want to do and I download maps for offline use so I never got lost or unprepared in the backcountry.

Let’s chat about your dream elopement and make it something Epic! Schedule a free consult with me!

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