April 26, 2023

Escape to Paradise: Planning a Destination Elopement!

Planning a destination elopement might just be the perfect option for you!

Are you looking to celebrate your love in a unique and intimate way? And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not make it a destination elopement? It’s an opportunity to combine a truly special moment with a dream vacation. Let’s start planning a destination elopement that’s just right for you!

But before you start packing your bags, there are some things to consider when planning your destination elopement. Here are some frequently asked questions along with tips and inspiration to help you plan the elopement of your dreams.

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What is an Elopement?

An elopement is a private wedding ceremony that typically involves only the couple (and maybe a few close friends or family members). It allows you to skip the traditional wedding celebrations and focus solely on the commitment you’re making to each other.

winter elopement in colorado
winter elopement in Colorado

Why Choose a Destination Elopement?

A destination elopement offers an opportunity to combine your love of travel and adventure with your love for your partner. It allows you to exchange vows in a location that’s meaningful to you or simply somewhere that you’ve always wanted to visit.

When Should I Plan My Destination Elopement?

Timing is key when planning a destination elopement. Many couples choose to elope during the off-season, which can save you money but still offers beautiful scenery and weather. Be sure to research the weather patterns in your desired location before setting a date.

Where Should We Elope?

The world is truly your oyster when it comes to choosing a location for your destination elopement. Some popular options include beaches, mountains, deserts, and cities. Think about what type of scenery represents your love story and go from there.

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How Do I Choose a Destination?

When choosing a destination, think about your personal interests and passions. Do you both love hiking and outdoor adventures? Consider a national park or mountain range. Are you both foodies? Look into a location known for its cuisine. And, of course, consider what’s within your budget.

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How Do I Plan the Ceremony?

When planning the ceremony, think about what’s most important to you both. Do you want something simple and intimate, or more elaborate? Will you write your own vows? If so, start working on them well in advance. You might also want to consider hiring an officiant or photographer.

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How Do I Handle Logistics?

Planning a destination elopement can be complex, but don’t let that discourage you. Start by researching travel options and accommodations in your desired location. Airbnb has a lot of great options around the world! Consider hiring a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings to help handle logistics, a lot of elopement photographers help with this as well!

What Should I Wear?

The beauty of eloping is that you can wear whatever feels most comfortable and represents you as a couple. This can be as casual or as formal as you’d like. Just make sure to check the weather in your destination and dress accordingly.

As you plan your dream destination elopement, remember to keep things simple and true to your love story. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate your commitment to each other. Enjoy the journey and cherish the memories you’ll make along the way.

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